The mediocre teacher tells, The good teacher explains
The superior teacher demonstrates, The great teacher inspires…

William A Ward… We inspire you…

Piano Centre is a company situated at Anniversary Towers, Lower Basement, University Way.

We are geared towards enhancing the quality and authenticity of music and are therefore keen to be attached in an area where we could harness practical skills needed to attain this ultimate aim. We desire to make music available for all.

Piano Centre is a company that imports and exports both new and used pianos and still sells them locally at affordable costs. The pianos are of good quality and are from all over the world. They are durable and have high quality sound. We offer servicing and tuning and deliver the pianos at the client’s convenient destination soon after purchasing is complete.

Piano Centre is also involved in teaching music theory, piano, guitar and recorder. The music instructors are qualified and have been able to dispense their knowledge to all sorts of people at various age groups. We teach school going children, young adults and even older individuals.

Our rates are reasonable and this gives a chance to all individuals.

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